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Updated: May 23, 2022

we need $40,000 to help set up the office, staff, and prayer room to disciple the next generation

Recently a young woman on our staff had a dream. She said, I was calling young leaders to come and get trained and then I handed them bags with $800 in them and said, "Let's go and disciple the next generation."

We want to create the place where young leaders can spend a year of their life being discipled in the place of prayer. So, that they can disciple the next generation. We want to train these leaders in:

  1. 52 weeks through the Bible - weekly Bible reading, training, and supervised group discussion. ("I always say, we have young people that want to lead, but they don't have true discipleship so that they can lead the next generation" - Ben Atkinson)

  2. Prayer Room - we want to train leaders to be faithful to learn to pray.

  3. Discipleship - We train leaders; Every leader leading a small group.

  4. Spanish - We have invested 1000's of dollars to translate our material into Spanish.

  5. 8 x 800 = Unlimited Souls. How? We want to pay 8 leaders to spend 15 hours a week in prayer room and then 15 hours a week on evangelism and discipleship. We want to pay 8 people $800 a month to be in the prayer room. This comes out to $200 dollars a week. They will have to raise the rest of their funds. The $800 does not cover all their cost. However, it helps to get them started while they are fundraising. Once they are finished with out year training, then they can "GO" and make disciples in the nations of the earth.

  6. CHILDREN - we are focusing our time and energy on raising up the next generation. We are committed to spending the summer discipling the 5 to 12 year olds until they know they're loved. We are also


There are so many things that we would like to be doing, but we have stayed faithful in:

  1. UKRAIN AND RUSSIA - Prayer and giving for the crisis in Uk