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ben atkinson

servant leader to Jesus

passionate about inspiring others to LOVE JESUS & LIVE HOLY 

Hello, I am so glad that you landed here. My name is Benjamin Atkinson. I am an ordinary person called to do extraordinary things. But I did not always feel that way. In fact for most of my life I felt, tired, bored, and depressed-until I met Jesus, and literally He turned my life around. 


Where should I start this story? Well I grew up in Buffalo, NY where I learned to measure snow in feet, not inches. I was one of 6 children and I lived a relatively normal American life.  Until I met Jesus. His passion for me and those around me was overwhelming. I had always heard about Jesus, but had never made Him Lord and Savior of my life. Once I did He began to make all things new. 


 Let me tell you a story that change my life forever. My whole life I had worked to become a lawyer. At the completion of undergrad I applied to law school, but when I was handing in my law school application something happened.  God Spoke! I was not prepared for what He said.  "I have something else for you if you'll take it." What!?! I thought; I had worked my whole life to get to this point. In that moment of choice I met the most powerful force in the world-GOD'S GRACE. It helped me to make the right choice and I haven't looked back since. After marrying my sweet heart we moved to a Worship, Prayer, and Bible School called the International House of Prayer in Kansas City.  After 4 years of training my wife and I set off to plant a prayer room in Richmond, VA. 15 years, and 6 kids later, a I am so thankful. In that time I developed Holy Clubs as a tool to strengthen and build up the Body of Christ. 

Bible Training
  • 10 years with the International House of Prayer Bible School. (4 in Bible school; 7 in Pastoral care)

  • 17 years in speaking publicly on the Topic of Holiness

Holy Clubs Training
  • I studied over 75 books on the Holiness of God. 

  • Fasted and prayed about this for over 17 years.

  • I have done over 50 beta test groups before launching.



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