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This is EXCLUSIVELY for those that have signed up for the latest Leadership Course. For more information on our available training visit

Step 1

Facilitator Coaching Teachers(6Min.24sec.)


A Facilitator's job is to “facilitate” an environment of encountering God. They are trying to help a group learn to teach, talk to God, pray, and serve one another. Also, they are to make sure the teaching does not go longer than 20 minutes.


The Facilitator’s job is to get everyone signed up ahead of time. So that everyone can work on their assignment ahead of time.

Holy Clubs Teacher

Encourage the teachers to get training by watching the next video “Becoming a Holy Clubs Teacher”, and reading the notes provided.


Encourage them to prepare ahead of time. Most people will do a better job if they actually prepare ahead of time.


Have your teachers write down any questions that they have beforehand and reach out to you.


Let them know that they can do this. God has called ordinary people to do extraordinary things.

Testimony of an AMAZING mom!!:

Step 2



It is important to prepare ahead of time. This allows the truths you will be teaching to sink into your heart and become real, and it gives you the confidence you need to reach out to those you disciple. For example: Read through the notes, look up the bible verses, take notes, and jot down any questions that you may have. Ask your group facilitator or someone else if you have any questions. Remember, God wants you to be faithful with the little things so that He can give you more (Matt. 25:23).

Pray before:

I like to pray before I teach. Firstly, I #talk2God about the topic. This always includes asking for revelation on the content. And if you receive anything, write it down! Secondly, I ask God to touch the people in the meeting. If possible, I ask for each of them (by name) days before the group meets.

Show passion, but don’t fake it:

If the content has impacted you, and you've grown passionate about it, don't hide that — show your passion! Speak with excitement! If you don't feel passionate, that's okay. We just don't want you to fake it. But if you have connected with the content, then sharing that excitement with others can help them connect with it too.

Don’t compare:

You are you. They are them. God made each of you unique. So feel free to reject the pressure to teach like someone else. Just be yourself!

Keep your style:

Many people are gifted in their own unique way. Take the unique personality you have and work it into the content of your presentation. Each person will teach a little differently, and that’s great!

Keep the teaching to 20 minutes:

You will only have 20 minutes to go through a lot of content. And that is all right, because the group can go over anything that you miss later. I personally like to break the content down into 4 sets of 5 minutes each (if possible, go over things ahead of time, timing yourself to practice finishing in 20 minutes).

Try to make eye contact with people:

Try looking at individuals rather than scanning the group. Since you will be with the group in a circle, rather than at the front of a room, you won’t have a board or slide projection to reference — so you never need to look behind you. You may be using a laptop, tablet, or a sheet of paper, so be sure to just glance down at it briefly. One sure way to lose an audience is to turn your back on them or look down the whole time. By the way, while you’re maintaining great eye contact, don’t forget to smile as well!

What to do when questions or comments arise:

When group members ask questions or give comments, you should be gracious and thank them for their input. Even if someone is being difficult, you must keep to the moral high ground and be courteous at all times (Rom. 15:1-4, Titus 3:1-2). Answer the questions that you can, but refer to the group facilitator (or even the group itself) if you don’t know. Remember, questions and comments (even negative ones) are free advice, as they help all of you to grow in your understanding of yourselves and the content.

Tell a story:

Try to tell a story about how the truth has impacted your life. You can do this in three steps –

Truth: First, emphasize the foundational truth in your own words.

Story: Second, tell a parable or story that helps illustrate the truth (maybe an example from your life, a friend's life, or an illustration in the bible).


Third, explain how the truth can personally impact the others in the group.


Step 3

common pitfalls (EXCUSES) THAT TEACHERS MAKE(8min.48sec.)


This is someone that is not prepared. It is important to help a person know they should prepare by watching video and looking over the notes. If the person has a fear, which causes them to not prepare, then help them to overcome it by preparing.


Maybe a person has never taught before. Just encourage them to do it. Your encouragement will really help them overcome. I have had so many people thank me for allowing them to teach, because they have never had the chance before.


These people can help or hinder a group. Try to encourage them to stick to the notes in meekness and humility to create an overall learning environment for the group.


Usually, this is from a lack of planning, or they may be frightened. Emphasizing over and over again the importance of preparing ahead of time will help them overcome.


This person may know more, or they may not. Try to get them back on track so that they are respectful to others.


These people have been given a little bit of power and it may go to their heads. They all of the sudden don’t need to follow the structure of the group. Help them stick to the boundaries already determined. Yes, as a Facilitator follow whatever the Holy Spirit is doing, but do not marginalize different groups of people in the group with extreme moments.


Questions are great, but try to have them save questions until the end, and or for another time.


These are teachers that want to talk about what they think is relative to today. But help them to see the importance of creating an environment for people to learn the Foundations of the Faith.


There may be a tragedy, but this is not always the issue. Create a safe environment for people to focus on the solution, not the problem.


This person is always negative. Help them to see Truth and talk about Truth. Help them to see the good in everything, not just the negative.


They are just usually nervous. Help them to overcome. Take time to share with them and encourage them to overcome.


Step 4

Recruiting people - C.a.r.e. (7min.57sec.)

1 - Interview vs. Begging

Goal: to share your vision with confidence, while interviewing the person, instead of begging them to join your group.

Interview process:

Learn about the person. We want to grow in an eternal relationship with a person, finding their vision, strengths, needs, and future ministry desires, so that you can find out how to collaborate with them. Ultimately, you want to help them grow in the 1st commandment so that they can live out the 2nd commandment lifestyle. (Matt. 22:36-39)

Goal: to grow in an eternal relationship with a person, finding their vision, strengths, needs, ministry, and money, so that you can find out how to collaborate with them. Show them that you actually care about them as a person.


Hi, this is ________________ from Holy Clubs how are you?

C-A-R-E (10 min. maximum)

C - Can you tell me about where you are from, your friends and family?

(This is to get them to open up and share their story.)

  1. From:

  2. Family:

  3. Friends:

A - And what do you do? (ex. ministry/occupation/school)

(This is to find our their vision or goals, and their strengths/gifting.)

  1. Vision:

  2. Goals:

  3. Strengths/giftings:

R - Really FUN! What is something really fun you like to do?

(This is to find out their personality type.)

  1. Really Fun:

E - Extra Money. If money was no option, what would you do?

(This will give you their dream, and will show you their need(s).)

  1. What is their DREAM?:

Step 5

Script - C.A.R.E (8min.42sec.)


Recruiting people to join your Holy Clubs Firm Foundations

How I recruit:

  1. Follow up from C-A-R-E

  2. Vision for Holy Clubs

  3. Share the results they will get when participating in Holy Clubs Firm Foundations

  4. Ask them what results they want

  5. Share your testimony (or others)

  6. Give them information about the upcoming meeting


  1. Do you need additional help to gather your group together?

  2. Invite others


YOU: WOW, it was great to hear about your [insert where they are from, their family, or their friends]. Thanks for sharing about your [insert their ministry/occupation]. I enjoyed hearing that you [insert what is “really fun” for them]. Also, it was great to hear about your desire to do [insert their “dream if money was no option”].


YOU: The vision for starting a Holy Clubs is"

Prayer. Evangelism. Discipleship. Holiness. (watch this video is they have not seen it)

YOU: We want to Encourage Prayer, Promote Evangelism, Build Discipleship, and Empower Holiness.

YOU: Holy Clubs is a unique discipleship tool that teaches foundational truths of the Christian faith while building a lifestyle of enjoyable prayer. As you know, many discipleship programs have great Christian content, but Holy Clubs uniquely creates an interactive group experience of personal growth.

Share the results they will get when participating in Holy Clubs Firm Foundations:

  1. Grow in hearing the voice of God.

  2. Build upon foundational Christian truths.

  3. Learn enjoyable prayer.

  4. Revive your heart in the beauty of holiness.

  5. Overcome little nagging struggles.

  6. Pursue attainable holiness.

  7. Unlock creative writing skills.

  8. Grow in the gifts of the Spirit.

  9. Train to “GO and make disciples”

  10. Unify the Body of Christ

YOU: Which one, or more, of these results would you like to grow in?

Wait for them to answer...

YOU: Holy Clubs can help you grow in [insert each of their desired results].

Also, dialogue about the desired results with your list below.


HEAR God’s voice: Jesus said, “My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me” (Jn. 10:27). But only a few are able to rightly discern God’s voice. Why? They have just not been trained. I have trained 1000’s to hear the voice of God through our proven training called “textingGod”, and I want to take you on the journey of clearly hearing His voice over and in your life.

GROW your prayer life: Jesus said, “When you pray, say...Our Father...” (John 11:2). How is your prayer life? Could it use a jumpstart? Maybe you need to learn to pray. I have studied prayer for over 30 years, and I want to encourage your lifestyle of prayer. Firm Foundations will help you stay steady in prayer, while learning from the 100’s of praying mentors I have been taught by.

OPEN your heart to God’s love: Did you know that God longs to share His affections with you? The Bible (His word) shouts, “I love you!”, and the Holy Spirit is constantly speaking the LOVE of God over your life. Firstly, Firm Foundations will encourage you to grow in the Love of the Father, who desires a Family. Secondly, if you keep going, you will grow in the affections of Jesus the Bridegroom King. Lastly, you will deepen in your understanding of The Holy Spirit’s love for you — day-by-day, your heart will grow deeper in Love with God’s Enduring Love!

REVIVE your heart: Does your heart need a jumpstart? I really want you to succeed! So, before I promise you anything more, I want to give you a bit of advice: You have to allow the Holy Spirit to move your mind in order to revive your heart. What do I mean? I mean you have to change how you think, so that your heart can beat in resounding victory! When you believe in Jesus and are saved, the Spirit of God bears witness with your spirit (Rom. 8:16) through your conscience (Rom. 9:1). Then, through your spirit and conscience, thoughts enter your mind. Firm Foundations will teach you to set your mind on righteous thoughts that originate from God (Rom. 8:6; Isaiah 55:8-9). You will renew your mind and, in this way, revive your heart.

OVERCOME the little nagging struggles: What are you truly struggling with? What is the thing (or the things) that you know you need victory from? I have walked 1000’s of people into true freedom, but I never did their work for them. You have your own part to play, and I can’t do your part for you. No one else can either. Firm Foundations gives you the tools necessary to go to the Cross of Christ, cooperate with Grace, and walk forth in permanent victory.

FREELY “Go” and make disciples: Jesus, who sent out the disciples, said, “Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit (John 28:19). Are you currently making disciples? Do you have a plan to make disciples? Why not? It is so important for you to do this! Making disciples changes your life and the lives of those you’re discipling. So start Firm Foundations today! Then, start a group and take them on the journey of joyful discipleship.

UNLOCK creative writing skills: Do you feel the desire or call to write? Or maybe you are a musician with songs waiting to come forth. Did you know that Holy Clubs Firm Foundations was actually designed as a tool to help bring forth creative writing skills? We do this by providing the training and opportunity for you to combine the Scriptures and what the Holy Spirit is telling you. This is where the WORD + SPIRIT = UNDERSTANDING. As you practice this day by day, over and over again, your creative writing will grow in content and skill.

Clearly define the benefits/results to the person you’re talking to. Explain the impact that Holy Clubs will have on their life, as well as the lives of those they will disciple. Then personalize an invitation to them and invite them to participate:

YOU: I can see that you want to grow in [insert all their desired results].

YOU: Did you know that I have benefited from Holy Clubs? [insert your testimony about how Holy Clubs has helped you] (If you have not yet participated in Holy Clubs yourself, just skip this step.)

YOU: Did you know that others have benefited from Holy Clubs? [insert one or more testimonies]

Example Testimonies –

“Last semester when I started going to Holy Clubs Firm Foundations, I learned how precious our time with God is. I had been struggling with depression and suicidal thoughts this year. My thoughts were consumed with feeling purposeless, unwanted, and unloved. At one of our Holy Clubs, I had a huge breakthrough by “texting” God. God spoke clearly into my life by telling me what life meant to Him”.

– N. George, University student leader

“Now, through the teaching in Holy Clubs (Firm Foundations), I more intentionally spend time in one or two verses asking who the Lord is, what He thinks about me, and praying that and agreeing with that.”

– Kelly Rogers, student-athlete

“Ultimately, Holy Club (Firm Foundations) has been the place where I have experienced God’s personal love for me the most, because it is a place that fosters personal encounter.”

– Tim McClaren, University student/prayer leader



God loves you and has an amazing plan to love you. Remember, The Father desires a family and Jesus desires a Bride. You are God's inheritance. It is important to have a plan to cultivate your personal journey of faith with God day and night. Holy Clubs "Firm Foundations has helped 1000's of people grow in their personal walk with God. So let's get started today.


All of us are called to "Go" and make disciples. So where are the disciples you are called to lead? Many times they are the very people God has put around you. A spouse. A child. A neighbor. A co-worker. Or, simply the person you just met at school. Holy Clubs "Firm Foundations" has become a tool that is reconciling families, friends, and neighbors to God and each other. The best is yet to come!!


You are an Ordinary Person Called to do Extraordinary Things!! Did you know that Discipleship is made to be done in the community? A healthy community needs to have Biblically sound discipleship training so that they grow closer to God (AND) so that they can have a vibrant community. If the Word of God is central in your community, then you will change for the better, and grow closer to God and each other.

LASTLY, ask them if they would like help in inviting their friends to join the group.

  1. Schedule: Set a time to host an online meeting. Find the best time for you all to meet.

  2. Invite friends: Ask them to invite their friends to the online gathering

  3. The script for the actual meeting is in session 4.


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