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I love to listen to transforming stories from the gay community...

MEET MY DEAR FREIND KYLE BARR & Read his book The Touch That Transforms.

Pray for #holyclubs as we work to raise up discipleship communities from those that are finding God's healing touch.

Is it time for us to rethink the word #gay?

Everyone has a story to tell. But only some find the courage to tell the whole story. Kyle has brought you on a journey through the pages of his heart. Here he stands before you, exposed and naked, unashamed of the journey because of his peace — the true peace which can be found only in Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace. This is a story for every parent, every leader, and everyone who has a heart for the next generation. Why? Because Kyle’s story is similar to hundreds of the young people around you.

Certainly, everyone knows of someone struggling with homosexual desires. And for many, this reality strikes close to home. What can we do? The answer may be simpler than you think: hear their story and then serve their practical needs. First, just listen; hear the stories of those walking in a homosexual lifestyle. Within the gay community, there are very few people who have known a Christian to sit down and simply hear their story without preaching (#listentome). In this is Christ’s love. As you listen to their stories, their hearts will be healed, and yours will grow with a compassion rooted in God’s love towards people. Secondly, serve the person that is struggling with homosexuality. Don’t just preach to them; the goal is not to win an argument and prove that you are “right”. Instead, win them to Christ by being an example to them as Christ was an example to us. Walk as a new creation, that they might come to Christ and walk as a new creation too.

In 2014, I worked alongside Kyle in an outreach to the Gay Games: an international sporting event for the gay community. Our goals were to do two things: hear the stories of athletes, and serve them so that they could see God’s love and walk as new creations in Christ. And that is exactly what we did! We just sat down and asked people about their lives. And we heard the most amazing and passionate stories! In the midst of listening, we bought them lunch, carried their equipment, picked up their garbage, bandaged their wounds, and gave them hugs. We had a blast! And do you know what? The more we spent time listening and serving, the more they said ‘yes’ to Jesus. It really is that simple.

In your hands is a book, but it is more than a book. It is a story with an opportunity. Yes, it is a book about a young, sometimes scared, little boy that needed someone to hear his story. But it is also an opportunity for you to learn how to love. So read this book. Read it until your heart is filled with God’s love for the gay community.

(Tell me honestly: If you had met Kyle in the early years, would you have entered into his life as a source of healing?)

After you read this book, ask God one question, “Whose story do you want me to hear?” Make an appointment with them and sit down. Put your phone down and look into their eyes. For in their pupils is the heart of their story. Then, after you have listened, lovingly do something for them. In this service of listening and action is the love that saves lives!