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dream training #2


Learning step by step how to recall and record your dreams.

Training #2

  1. Active Dream Recalling

  2. Myth #1 I never dream:

  3. Myth #2 I will remember the “GOD DREAMS”

  4. What is God’s Plan for recalling and recording dreams:

  5. Some practical ways to recall dreams


  1. Practice the techniques fond in "Some practical ways to recall dreams" Pray before bed. Pray to Remember your dreams. Pray as you record your dreams.

  2. Record three dreams either via notebook or digital

  3. Then record them to your computer.


We all desire to bring to remembrance all that God speaks over us daily and nightly. Our Father invites each of us to be a faithful steward of the little that He sets before us. At night God, with the help of the Holy Spirit, and Jesus, can teach and equip us to remember the songs that He sings over us at night, or our dreams.

Myth #1 I never dream:

  • There is the myth that, “I am not a dreamer.” You probably (but not always) dream approximately 3 to 5 times a night. According to research done at the University of Zurich (Inge Strauch, PH.D) Adults dream at least four to six times a night, but often don’t remember. Children recall dreams less frequently (page 46, Newsweek, August 9, 2004).

  • The key is learning to remember our dreams.

  • We have to learn to set or position ourselves to recall the dream.

Myth #2 I will remember the “GOD DREAMS”

  • Yes God is in charge and He can speak to you very clearly, but there are times when He speaks in the still small voice, and we need to be diligent to hear and bring to remembrance His “Word”.

  • Some of my most significant dreams have come in short small dreams that I thought were insignificant until I wrote them down and then had them confirmed by other people….JESUS ROCKS.

What is God’s Plan for recalling and recording dreams:

  • The question we need to ask the Holy Spirit is what is the best way “for me” to recall the dreams that are given to me.

  • This is essential…God wants to be involved in all aspects of your life and He is not just giving you dreams without providing you with a way of recalling His dreams to you….remember He is the perfect Father. We serve a good Father that does not leave us without a way to receive the words that He speaks over us during the night. (Luke 11:11-13)

Some practical ways to recall dreams

  1. Pray before bed - Pray for God to speak to you in a dream before you go to Bed. “My eyes are awake through the night watches, that I may meditate on Your word.” (Ps. 119:148) and (Ps. 119:55) I remember Your name in the night, O Lord, And I keep Your law.

  2. Pray to remember your dreams - Teach yourself to recall the dream before you wake up (there is a place of asking the Holy Spirit….right before you arise, to help you remember your dream). Then, with that dream set in your spirit, write it down as soon as you wake up. Song of Songs 5:2 tells us that while we are asleep God longs to speak to us and does….but He is provoking us into deeper spiritual union (if you recall Song of Songs all her response to His voice where physical…He wants to commune with our spirits on a deeper more intimate level). Before you awake commune with the Holy Spirit at that deeper level. Dialogue with the Holy Spirit, “Did I have a Dream, help me remember, show me what I need to see and understand.”

  3. Write down the dream when you might wake during the night (if you frequently wake during the night take the time to write your dreams down, or the main points, not long details...a short title).Write down the dreams immediately when you wake…..ASKING the Holy Spirit to help. The key is that you sit with your notebook in hand, and ask him to help you remember your dreams. (either a notebook or a computer to write them down) (Ben does note book and then computer) (I put them in a computer so I can easily find them years from now.)

  4. Recording in the night - Some have found that a digital recorder helps them the best, as they get the dream they record it. I know this can be helpful, but understand that in writing something I am forced to ponder deeper into the heart of the dream…this may not be the case when I speak the dream out. Danellia Gibbons is very successful in this.

  5. Pray before you write down your dreams - Always write down your dreams weather in note book or computer. (Ben puts them in a dream to pull them out years from now).

  6. Daniella shares here solutions.

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