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Watch this video to help you learn more

FACILITATOR INSTRUCTIONS: You are awesome!! Thank you so much for taking the time to answer the command of Jesus to “GO” forth and make disciples. You are gathering people to a weekly meeting that will truly transform their lives. This introduction meeting is about to go amazingly well. I have written the “ACTION” and “SCRIPT” sheet below. The “ACTION” points explain the “why” behind the “what”. And, the “SCRIPT” is what you can say to state your point(s) clearly. Read through this sheet ahead of time, and you will find that this step-by-step plan will help to explain what your group can expect as they participate in your weekly meeting. Also, you can literally check off the boxes, as you go through the meeting. Usually you can get this meeting done in 20 to 30 minutes.

COORDINATING THE MEETING: You can coordinate this meeting through a video chat platform.



  • ACTION: Have everyone introduce themselves, and tell where they are from (or an interesting fact about themself, or something fun about their day). This is just to get everyone talking, to feel comfortable; this should only be 30 seconds; mention that this is just 30 seconds).

  • SCRIPT: “Welcome, to Holy Clubs “Firm Foundations” intro meeting. Let’s just take a moment to meet each other. So, let’s go around the room and introduce ourselves. Just take, about, 30 seconds to tell us, what your name is, where your from, and what is something fun you did today.”


  • ACTION: Take time to share the vision of Holy Clubs.

  • SCRIPT: “What is Holy Clubs vision? Holy Clubs is a unique discipleship tool, were you will learn the foundational truths of the Christian faith, while building a lifestyle of enjoyable prayer. Many discipleship programs have great Christian content, but Holy Clubs sets itself apart by creating an interactive group experience for personal growth. In Holy Clubs groups individuals are encouraged to grow in such things as: foundational Christian truths, enjoyable prayer, attainable happy holiness, hearing the voice of God, unlocking creative writing skills, and growing in the gifts of the Spirit.”


  • ACTION: Share with them the RESULTS that they can expect.

  • SCRIPT: “So, let me share with you some of the results you can expect:

  • Grow in hearing the voice of God.

  • Build upon foundational Christian truths.

  • Learn enjoyable prayer.

  • Revive your heart in the beauty of holiness.

  • Overcome little nagging struggles.

  • Pursue attainable holiness.

  • Unlock creative writing skills.

  • Grow in the gifts of the Spirit.

  • Train to “GO and make disciples”


  • ACTION: This can be a life changing time. It is important to know the testimonies ahead of time in three different ways:

  • Your Testimony: nothing is as inspiring as your testimony about how Holy Clubs impacted your life. Take time to share a short, but impacting, testimony.

  • Testimony of someone in the group: you may have a testimony of someone, on the call, that has been impacted by Holy Clubs...have them share.

  • Testimonies of others: You can visit the website and social media outlets to learn more & hear inspiring stories. (for testimonies see below)


  • Your testimony: “I just want to share how Holy Clubs Firm foundations have affected me….”

  • Testimony of someone in the group: We also have ____________ on with us today, and they have also been impacted by Holy Clubs Firm Foundations. They are going to share. So, ___________ take a few minutes to share with the group.”

  • Testimony from Holy Clubs website: “There are also countless testimonies from people all over the world, across denominations and throughout different generations. I would like to share a powerful testimony from the Holy Clubs site, but you can access more testimonies below:

  • VIDEO 1

  • VIDEO 2

  • VIDEO 3

  • TESTIMONY 1 “Last semester when I started going to Holy Clubs (Firm Foundations), I learned how precious our time with God is. I had been struggling with depression and suicidal thoughts this year. My thoughts were consumed with feeling purposeless, unwanted, and unloved. At one of our Holy Clubs, I had a huge breakthrough by “texting” God. God spoke clearly into my life by telling me what life meant to Him”. N. George – University student leader

  • TESTIMONY 2 “Now, through the teaching in Holy Clubs (Firm Foundations), I more intentionally spend time in one or two verses asking who the Lord is, what He thinks about me, and praying that and agreeing with that.” Kelly Rogers – University student athlete

  • TESTIMONY 3 “Ultimately, Holy Clubs (Firm Foundations) has been the place where I have experienced God’s personal love for me the most, because it is a place that fosters personal encounter.” Tim McClaren – University student/prayer leader


  • ACTION: This is where you want to clearly lay out what it would look like for them to meet once a week. Keep this simple as this may be new to some. Below is a sample schedule:

  • Welcome: Icebreakers

  • Worship (35 to 40 min.)(if you don’t have worship then skip this section; (this is only for face-to-face groups)

  • Break into groups (this is only for face-to-face groups)

  • Small group teaching (20 min.)

  • Small group “texting God” (10 min.)

  • Pray in a circle (share and pray in a circle; 10 min.)

  • Prayer over an individual (5 min.)

  • Worship/Testimonies (the remaining time, if you have any)

  • SCRIPT: “So, Let me just explain to you what our weekly group is going to look like. First, how much time will this weekly group take? Honestly, it is really how much time we want to give. Typically, a group lasts for 1 hour. So it is just one hour a week. There are a total of 31 groups. That is just 31 total hours to grow in a lifestyle of happy holiness. Second, Let me explain what the group will look like each week:

  • Welcome: We will start with icebreakers so that everyone gets a chance to share.

  • Worship (if you don’t have worship then skip this section; 35 to 40 min.) (this is only for face-to-face groups; if you are an online group skip to “small group teaching”)

  • Break into groups (this is only for face-to-face groups; if you are an online group skip to “small group teaching”)

  • Small group teaching (20 min.) One of the unique aspects of Holy Clubs Firm Foundations is that a different person teaches each week. And, I will teach you how to do this. Also, there are videos and notes to help you succeed.

  • Small group “texting God” (10 min.) We will then spend time texting God. Writing down a conversation with God, about what we just learned. This is so important in learning and growing in hearing the voice of God. 1000’s have learned to hear the voice of God through this proven technique.

  • Pray in a circle (share and pray in a circle; 10 min.) Then, we will pray together UP, IN, and OUT. This is a fun way to pray what God has spoken to us.

  • Prayer over an individual (5 min.) Next, we will pray over one person. Typically, we pray for the person that did the teaching, but we can pray over anyone that we want.

  • Worship/Testimonies (the remaining time, if you have any) Lastly, if there is time, then we can share what God has done.”


  • ACTION: Take time to answer any questions that arise. If you don’t know the answer please don’t hesitate to reach out to our office at and we will answer asap. ***If this is a new process for you then just explain that you are learning and you will reach out to the coaching staff at and they will help answer the questions asap. But remember 1000’s have gone through Holy Clubs groups. So you are joining something that others have gone through in the past.

  • SCRIPT: “So, for those that want to be a part of this we will schedule a time that works for everyone. But, I want to give you a chance to ask some questions. We have heard about: the vision, the results you can expect, some of the testimonies of others that have been impacted, and we have seen what the weekly meeting will look like...So, does anyone have a question? If so I will do my best to answer it.”


  • ACTION: This is the part where you will want to invite them to participate

  • SCRIPT: “So, who would like to join this group?”


  • ACTION: This is the part where you will want to nail down a time for the most people to meet. Not everyone will be able to meet then, but try your best (you might have to start two groups). Facilitator (before the meeting) pick three times that you think will work for you and the group; try to find a time that you are free (as your the acting Facilitator). And, try to do your best to get this done.

  • SCRIPT: “So, when can we meet. I want to suggest a time of __________ does this work for everyone?”


  • ACTION: There are several different ones to choose from:

  1. Google Hangouts

  2. Zoom

  3. Skype

  • SCRIPT: “Well, now we can decide which video platform works best for us. Currently, we are using ___________. Does anyone have another suggestion?”


  • ACTION: Now get them to go to the website and order their book

  • SCRIPT: “Well, before we start our first group each of you should go to the website and order a book.”


  • ACTION: Try to find the best way to communicate with your group. For example, email, group texting…(etc.)

  • SCRIPT: “So, what is the best way that we can communicate together as a group?”


  • ACTION: This is where you will help them become a teacher. Remember, you have a video for them.

SCRIPT: “Well, now we can start our first group. Who would like to be our first teacher? As a reminder I will send you information to help you through the process.”


  • ACTION: Now you are almost there. Assure them that you will send a message (in the form of communication you all choose) detailing the next meeting.

  • SCRIPT: “OK, I am excited to be on this journey with you. I look forward to starting _______. I will send a follow up message inviting you to our next meeting.


  • ACTION: Some people may want to talk with you further. It is important to send them to the website if needed. Make them actually find out information about the process. HINT: One of the big things with being a leader is to get other people to actually take a step(s), or action, in their personal walk with God. So, be sensitive, spend time with those that you need to, but do not enable people. Nor, should you be their “mini god” by helping them do everything. Instead, help them overcome.

  • HELPER: you can also appoint someone from the group to help take on the role of Facilitator. Let the group know they can also reach out to someone else you trust in the group (talk to that “helper” ahead of time).

  • SCRIPT: “Lastly, If you have questions please reach out to me or ________ (another person in the group you trust) and we will reach out to you.”


Watch this video to help you learn more:


This is the person that will lead the team, cast vision and values, and then keep everyone moving in the right direction. They are usually a person that others look up to, but they value unting the group, following the teachings, and facilitating the group to grow.


If your group can have worship, then it will most likely open the heart of your group before things start. Invite the worship leader to lead your group. It does not have to be a massive sound system. Just one instrument unplugged.


One of the most important, absolutely important, people that has to be on the team. They will be able to make sure the meetings are set, the teachers are prepared, and the group grows and grows.


Some groups will have food before the group starts. Food can play a major role in bringing people together, and then making away for relational, life changing, conversations.


Vitally important for your group's training. Even if you are a group that meets online, you still need someone that can uplift your group and help connect everyone together. Also, the “fun” person will be someone that the rest of the group can’t wait to be around.


This is a very important part of your group. Your group will have many issues that arise and will need pastoral care during the duration of your group. It is always good to have a mature couple to come alongside your group and answer the pastoral call within your group.


Jesus said, “Go forth and make disciples.” It is important to communicate this matter to your group. There are many who are gifted in social media and communication. Therefore, assign a person from your team to make sure your group is on the same page.


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